Apartment Ventilation

Mechanical apartment ventilation when installed correctly eliminates contaminants, moisture build-up, and odours while introducing healthy fresh airĀ  to your living spaces.

Bathroom Exhaust

Bathroom exhaust is not there for the sole purpose of stopping your mirror from fogging up!

Kitchen Exhaust

Kitchen exhaust removes steam, smoke, and cooking odours from your home as well as removing grease particles that would otherwise build up on your walls and cabinetry.

Laundry Exhaust

The laundry is often the smallest room in the apartment, but a dryer can produce more humidity than a bathroom does!

Supply Air Systems

Supply Air (Make-up Air) Systems (S/A) are designed to bring fresh air into your apartment to replace the humid or polluted air being extracted via exhaust systems.

Ventilation Maintenance

Maintenance of your apartment ventilation is crucial for long-term performance!