Apartment Ventilation

Mechanical apartment ventilation when installed correctly eliminates contaminants, moisture build-up, and odours while introducing healthy fresh airĀ  to your living spaces.

There needs to be a balance between the amount of air being exhausted and the amount being introduced to provide a comfortable environment.

Mechanical Ventilation is the extraction of steam, smoke, and grease from your wet areas and kitchen using a fan. The contaminated air will be drawn from the room via a grille or range hood and exhaust to atmosphere via ductwork in your ceiling space.

Natural ventilation is the introduction of fresh air to your apartment through open windows, cross-ventilation, or under doorways. Fresh air can also be introduced by design with the use of fresh air systems to allow air in from facade or corridors.

At Statewide Ventilation we proudly comply with Australian Standard 1668.2 and The Building Code of Australia (BCA) ventilation requirements.